May 29th, 2005


New wallpaper I cooked up

Saw the new pics of Sheppard and couldn't get the idea out of my head. Went ahead and made it. Take it, pimp it, jack off to it if that's your thing. G'night. ;)

I might put it on My Fandom... once I decide where there to put it.

Credits and such here.
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Rude Awakening

My first awareness of the waking world was that lovely familiar realisation that I was lying in the middle of a blackout. I decided I wasn't going to move until the power came back, and I didn't. Because you know, lying in your own sweat for an indeterminate amount of time, first thing in the morning, is always fun.

Then I got myself a cup of tea and had to throw it out because as it turned out, the water tasted like plastic. Literally, melted plastic. Then, to replace it, I had to find a bottle of water in the fridge whose contents did not taste like plastic. All I managed was to find the less plasticky of the bunch. I am now drinking vaguely plastic tea.

In other news, I've cut down Elysium's run from 9 stories to 8, mostly because there was an aspect of the plot that I decided I wasn't going to go with, and it all centred in that one story I cancelled. Just some logistics stuff, plus I can make the individual stories a bit longer now if I want to. I would like to start posting these things on the second weekend in June, but I fear publicity might suffer as a result. I'm not cranking these stories as fast as I wanted to. Normally I can write a short story in a day or two. Aiden Connor is being one difficult son of a bitch.

Obviously they won't be as good as Apollo Rising, but it's a story that probably won't be told in any other way. Besides, I'm giving it away for free. You get what you pay for, or something. ;P

Another aspect is that I do have to finish AR by September. I won't tolerate any more delays. That means don't expect any more SGA fic from me, and possibly no more vids, unless I finish 'Hero' on some museless night. I'm neglecting Apollo a bit, though less than before, and he's my most active muse. Except I'm working on a scene in which Drakon realises his side fucked up big time, and I'm not sure about the flow of the scene. Maybe today I should read the couple of chapters preceding that scene and see if that tells me anything.

I've also decided that chapter 8 will be recycled. Originally, the whole chapter was a flashback to the Roman invasion of Ireland and Lugh's decision to lead his clan across the ocean (I'm not really giving the plot away here or anything), but something doesn't quite do it for me. At first there's this great scene in Skyler's dream quest where he merges with the timelines, but then you're there and I'm not sure if there's really a purpose to it other than to show some things about immortal 'biology' and explain some historical discrepancies. So I'm thinking I might just take the events of that chapter, and lace them into the subsequent chapters. But, I have to remember to fit them all in between a specific time because the thread ends with...

Erm, that's enough rambling. Since I guess that's where my mind is, I'll begin today by working on it.
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