June 2nd, 2005


Vid: Dreaming (SGA)

Because I always do what I've said I wouldn't do, here's a new video. I'm going to need to uninstall Windows Movie Maker in a minute. Oh well, come September, I won't have it at all anyway. Might as well get all the ideas out while I still can.

song by Evanescence
Size/Format: 16 MB/WMV
Genre/Summary: You'll just have to watch? It's mostly 'Home'-related. In a way. Mostly Sheppard-centric, with some McKay and the rest.
Notes: Most of my videos so far have been rather literal. I heard this song, and decided I wanted to try something different, fuck with your minds reality a little bit. More than ever I appreciate feedback.
Warning: Blatant abuse of the filters and effects. There's a point. I think.
Right-click. Save.
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