June 6th, 2005


Night of the Living Dead

First off, happy birthday fangirljen! Unless LJ is lying. In which case, happy un-birthday. *grins, hugs*

I should not be allowed to listen to music ever again. Seriously, I need to be banned from music because without fail, I can find at least one viddable song in each CD I listen to. Now there's this Bella Morte song spinning in my head with scenes from The Siege. This is sick and wrong. But all muses are divas, and they all parade in front of me, posing prettily and saying "Look at me, I'm a specimen of perfection! Play with me! You know you want me!"

And most of the time they're right. I do want to play with them, even though I know better. Each vid I put out is 'the absoposilutely last one!' only not. I really am pathetic.

I did try to steer my Bella Morte-induced thoughts towards Elysium. I mean, it would make some sort of sense, to think about vampires while listening to gothic industrial. I almost succeeded, but it was a fleeting victory.

The hospital, in that sense, was a waste of time. I gave to the mosquito ladies, and apparently they're really efficient these days becaue the results will be out tomorrow. Of course, not so efficient in the actual taking of blood, because I was there two hours just waiting, while I starved.

Last night I passed out from manly hunger at 3. Today I was about to. Good thing the cereal and coffee at the cafeteria are dirt cheap. The yogurt was pricey, but I didn't want dry cheerios.

I think I'll go work on some writing a bit and maybe graphics, while I try to kill that vid muse.
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