June 15th, 2005


MSP Fanart

So I've been thinking about Zelenka/Osbourne, and how much I heart them on MSP. I wanted to make myself a wallpaper with them, and maybe Carson/Rodney in the background to you know, highlight the friendship. Thing was, I was kind of hoping to make a manip, but all the pictures I could find of Bruce Harwood that weren't screencaps from Frozen just screamed BYERS! And that just wasn't working for me in that context. So it's not quite a manip, but I did manage to put them both on a wallpaper along with Carson and Rodney and some creative layering.

Anyway, making this post friends-only for now, I want to see if Mice likes it before I spread to all and sundry.

Note: I've been making my wallpapers lately all in 1024x768 resolution, not because that's the resolution I use, but because ACDSee automatically fits it to the screen if it's bigger than 800x600, and if anyone wanted to literally shrink it on PSP or whatever, it's easier to shrink and sharpen than try to expand it and have it turn out all pixelly.

[Edit: Okay so I ended up making a 800x600 version for myself, because ACDSee doesn't sharpen text as well as it should, and figured I could upload it for ease of everyone. Or something.]
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