June 22nd, 2005


Unified Theory of Michael Shanks

So last night I heard it from the horse's mouth. Gale Harold is not gay.

It was disappointing to hear it, but I figure, if at this point in time, after I don't know how many seasons of Queer as Folk, Randy Harrison hasn't managed to make him gay, nothing will. That is one man confident in his heterosexuality.

Then I had a strange thought. I wondered how my Unified Theory of Michael Shanks would be affected if MS played Brian Kinney instead of Gale Harold. Without going into all the details of the Theory, I can guess it could go one of two ways. Either Michelle Clunie gets knocked up with Baby Shanks #3 (like she's not totally his type?), or Michael drags Randy off to the courthouse to make an honest man out of him.

Of course, I would have to expand the fertility subchapter of the Theory since it's unlikely Brian Kinney would actually have sex with Lindsey on the show or in any way be romantically involved. They can barely stand each other. And since he can't get Randy pregnant (no matter what the fanfic writers might say -- and do NOT show me where I can find any QaF mpreg because I will not read it), I suppose we'll find a fourth variant of the Theory. Someone he co-starred with, fell in love with, married, but did not fertilise.

I might have to start seriously writing this shit down.

Don't ask me how I got from Gale Harold being straight to the MS Theory. Half the time I don't know what my brain does or why.

I tease because I love. ;)


LJ Funeral

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Too funny.
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