June 30th, 2005


I'm late

But it's not my fault. Somebody turned off my alarm. My room really wasn't meant to be a public gathering place, but since we put a TV set in there it's got a revolving door.

Borders emails me coupons, then when I scroll to the end, they all say "Offer not valid outside the United States, or in Puerto Rico." THEN WHY SEND IT TO ME?? Idiots. Ignoranuses. Then when I buy something at Borders, the cashier is always "would you like to be on our mailing list?" Heh, next time, when I tell them I already am, I'll tell them what a waste it is.

Anyway, even though there's chaos in my head, I will attempt productivity. It definitely is looking like vidding has come to a close for the time being, even the vids in progress are getting ignored. I've learned never to say never, but I'm not going to fret about it. I will vid again. It's just a matter of when, and when isn't a question I will deal with now.

I saw that new Comedy Central show 'Stella' last night, simply because it was on between South Park and The Daily Show. That show is unspeakably bad. In an entire half hour, I let out one little chuckle, one. And it was mostly because I saw the punchline coming. Kudos to the writers for being stoned throughout the whole writing process, kudos to everybody else in production for either being unspeakably retarded, or also stoned. And Comedy Central... I don't even know what to say.

They tried. E for effort. Maybe that's what they were on. They tried to do something unique, and I'll give them that, it was unique. It just wasn't funny. I kept staring at Michael Ian Black and going "you can be funny... I've seen you be funny. Why aren't you being funny now?"

It was sad.

Anyway, enough of that. I have too many tags, just like I have too many filters. I'm a packrat, I guess. Once my credit card gets here I'll see about setting up with ebay. How's that for a random segue? I just won't be able to accept PayPal, so nobody will buy my stuff and it will be a waste of time, but I'll have tried.
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Site update

Updated updated updated...

Whole new look, took me all day to finish it, nevermind that I wasn't going to do this today. So click for blatant overuse of the Evanescence font, blatant MPD tendencies and fun with glowing buttons. Let me know if the white on black is bad. They tell me it's not, but I'm not sure it isn't.

Now if you'll excuse me... *falls over*
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