July 1st, 2005


Wheee Canada!

That should be the anthem. Though I suppose 'Oh, Canada!' is about as fangirlish as the original author could get? Anyway, Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and those who want to be Canadians when we grow up. :D
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Six songs THAT I FANCY

Tagged by fangirljen.

1. Cold - by Crossfade. Kind of fell in love with this after I did the video for it.
2. Dead God - by Tim Skold. Don't really have to explain this.
3. My December - by Linkin Park. It's mellow electronic. Makes me purry.
4. The theme from the new Battlestar Galactica. I like the beat, what can I say?
5. Jig of Life - by Kate Bush
6. Reality - by Hidell

I randomly tag wickedkiwi, polkadotrose, alk and whoever else wants to.
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