July 13th, 2005



I turn hotlink protection off for two days, and the teenies are already swarming. *facepalms* Is the human race so far gone?

Now I have to turn this shit on again and hope it doesn't screw with me again, which was why I turned it off in the first place.

As always, if you see a broken link where you shouldn't, let me know.
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Teenie Hall of Shame

Our latest entry in the Teenie Hall of Shame comes from a bunch of girls calling themselves RoCkStArHoNiEz (that literally hurt to type).

They've randomly decided to use one of my wallpapers as their site background. By hotlinking it, of course. (Of course!)

I've left hotlink protection disabled so you can witness the horror for yourselves.


When I enable the hotlink protection, they get this lovely gif in a repeating pattern: http://jfemmer.com/images/hotlink.gif

The unintentional comedy is brilliant.


Fic: Time

Setting: The Immortals (Apollo Rising), future!fic
Characters: Raeith and Patrick
Summary: The Revolution has passed, but there's always something that annoys Patrick.
Rating: T

Acknowledgements: Thanks to amezri's Fic in a Barrel. The challenge was clock, apathy, take-out/take-away, and jungle. I started with the last two, and the clock made an appearance at some point, but I couldn't quite get Patrick to be apathetic since he ended up getting rather bitchy and snarky instead and morphing into some sort of McKay-like creature (which really isn't that OOC because Patrick has always leaned towards the snark side). But it gave me something to write that I wasn't blocked on, so the purpose of the challenge was served.


"What I wouldn't give for some take-out right now," Patrick panted, stepping over another passing herd of creeping ivy. "Something Gaulish." The rubber sole on his left boot landed carelessly on one of the twisting vines and the entire collective shuddered in fear.

"I didn't know you liked Gaulish food," Raeith said over his shoulder. He was a good five paces ahead of Patrick, five Raeith-sized paces which were about a third longer than Patrick's. It almost seemed as if the foliage parted for him then compensated by making Patrick's progress harder. Like fucking Moses and the Red Sea. Fuckin' figures I'm the Pharaoh.
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