July 16th, 2005



Damn, I'm posty today.

But this? Is funny. The headline reads "Man Commits Suicide after Learning Harry Potter Spoiler".

I think this counts as my 'I don't get the HP thing' post. You were spared the whining. *lmao*

Psst. Just in case you didn't catch on. The article's satire. Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone did.
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Vive la France!

I would like to formally and publically thank Karine for getting me so much Delerium.

Because my AR muses? Looooooving iiiiiiiiiit!
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Fundie Fraud Spam!

I was going to share this before, but forgot. (Gee, surprise that is.) I have to assume there are people gullible enough to fall for this, otherwise the spammers would simply give up.

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