July 18th, 2005


The long dark teatime of the soul

One thing about living with septuagenarians is that whenever I wake up later than 10 or 11 in the morning, it's almost like Christmas.

Old people get up at the ass crack of dawn, and by 11 they're exhausted and already did pretty much everything they were going to do all day. So one wakes up and wonders, 'what did they do this morning? What new and exciting surprises are in store for me today?'

Today I was hoping it would the the existence of food.

I was sorely disappointed. Got coal in the stocking instead.

Okay so it's entirely unlike Christmas.

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We have finally bought food. Not too much of it, but the bare necessities. Like BREAD! And yogurt! And soup and corn flakes and tofu and vegetables. And of course condiments. Can't forget those. I wanted to pick up some more whole wheat pasta, but I'll wait until Friday because that's mom's shopping day. And we once again have butter, and margarine, and BREAD! OMG! Heh.

The downside is, today is hellishly hot. I mean, I have both fans aimed at me, and I don't feel a thing.

I think I will retreat to my room and read, because the alternative is to sit here staring at the screen and weeping.
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