July 23rd, 2005


Sci Fi Friday

So, as promised, half-coherent thoughts about the Stargate premieres.

First, just to get it out of the way, SG1, or rather, as I've renamed it, SGwannabe. Get it? Say it out loud. I slay me. *snickers* Collapse )

Okay, question. Because my attention wanders. What ship did they leave on for the Avalon thingie? And why did they need a ship in the first place? It's been a whole week, I've forgotten.

And now, my wonderfully geeky gay show, Atlantis! Collapse )

Overall Continuity. I've been trying for a while now, in the process of helping friends with their fanfic and just trying to make sense of it all in my OCD little brain, to match up SG1 and SGA continuity. At times this seems like a fruitless quest, because TPTB don't really seem to care.

I need help with this. At the time Rising first aired, I wasn't really watching Sci Fi Fridays. In fact, I was kind of boycotting the concept since the Farscape cancellation. I was only really watching SG1 sporadically on the weekdays, the older eps. So I missed the beginning of season 8, and I don't know how many eps of that had aired by the time Rising did. Does anyone remember which ep of SG1 aired that week? It would help me lots. Because I know that Weir was in the first two eps, and right after that she got sent to Antarctica, and then in Rising she says she's been putting the expedition together 'for months', but doesn't say exactly how many, and just a couple of months wouldn't be enough. So there definitely has to be a stretch there.

It all seemed to match up again when the SGC got the zpm during that whole Moebius thing, and then they sent it to Atlantis. But by the premieres, it was all wonky again. Collapse )

I've rambled long enough. I need lunch now.


Fic: Merry Giftmas

Another attempt at Fic in a Barrel. [Computer, apathy, Christmas, kitchen.]

Setting: The Immortals, any time after Mercury Unchained.
Characters: Raeith and Patrick
Summary: Old habits die hard, and new inventions are silly.
Rating: Teen

I promise I'll give these two some sort of adventure for the next vignette. And Rikki wants in too.


"Okay, run this by me again because I think you lost me somewhere along the line the first time," Patrick said, holding up a finger which at one point had intended to make a point but now merely stood there feeling rather perplexed. "This... is a Christmas present," he said slowly, as the finger finally made up its mind what it wanted to do and leaned towards the new contraption sitting prettily on the kitchen table. "From Diana..."
Collapse )