August 1st, 2005


Jack/Daniel music video: "Everybody's Fool"

Made this in a fit of boredom the other day.

Title: Everybody's Fool
Song artist: Evanescence
Vidder: ElvenWolf
Size/Format: 11MB/WMV
Runtime: 2:59
Genre: teh angst/slash
Summary: miscommunications, alterations, mindfucks, mistakes made, naughty!Jack and jealous!Daniel.
Clips: Children of the Gods, A Hundred Days, Brief Candle, Point of View, The Broca Divide, Shades of Grey.

Right-click. Save.
Notes: I love all the characters of SG-1 equally. But nobody's perfect and everyone can have a few bad days/episodes/seasons. The audio on the song is a little dusty, because it's a demo recording and Windows Movie Maker always tends to degrade audio quality even more. It plays best on DivX, and on Windows Media Player you can improve the audio a bit by setting the graphic equaliser to default. However, I'm just being nitpicky because the audio is not as bad as some I've heard, but I thought I'd let you know how you can minimise the dustiness.


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