August 24th, 2005


Books: Science Fiction and Thrillers

For future reference because it's easier that way, unless otherwise stated, all my books have been well-preserved, but for the fact that they've been sitting in a shelf for anywhere from 1-15 years and are getting those little yellow polka dot stains around the edge of the pages. No moth holes, no torn pages, no marker stains or whatever.

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Additionally, I overlooked another Star Wars book yesterday, I've added it to that entry.

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SGA video: Remember Me

This idea came to me while I was in exile due to a fried motherboard. This is what SG-1 Mondays and the Atlantisthon spawned. Enjoy.

Song: Remember Me
Artist: Journey
Vidder: ElvenWolf

Runtime: 5:54
Size/Format: 21.7MB/WMV
Genre*: character-based, John Sheppard
Summary: "Would you not willingly give your life if it were necessary?" "...It'd have to be really necessary."
Right-click. Save.

*This video is an equal opportunity shipper.
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