September 8th, 2005


We are ruled by robots

An eloquent rant about just why Bush deserves criticism for his reactions to the Katrina disaster.
I want him to have been consumed with grief and sorrow at the dying that was ongoing, and he wasn't. I want him to have felt like a profound failure because an entire segment of the population of one of America's greatest cities was suffering and was at risk of starving to death, but he didn't. I want him to have been embarrassed when the FEMA director gave up the information that FEMA knew less about the convention center than CNN, but he wasn't. I want him not to have smirked his way through the entire experience, and he did.
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Rodney/Radek icon

Just a quickie to show something I made yesterday for commodoresexual. I normally let icons made for friends remain exclusive (as in, I don't pimp them here or on the site, and let the pieces fall where they may), but I made three and she took two and one of them I feel I must share with at least one more person.

Because I don't know if alfirin_kirinki likes these characters particularly, but she'll get a kick out of the quote. :) I just looked at the cap and that line came to mind. Had to do it.
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