September 21st, 2005


Public Service Announcement

Attn: catherfina, darkmoon711, and tylers_abyss

Your tapes went out this morning. They'll probably be there in a few days. For Canada, they asked me if I wanted to put a rush on it, but I said no because I'm a starving artist.

The tapes in each envelope were picked, in a completely random fashion, as my grandparents were rushing me to get out of the house this morning. Which was the point. I will receive no complaints of 'this sucks'. Of course it sucks. If it didn't, I would keep it. *lol* But at the very least it might provide some amusement, or you can pass them on to some other poor unsuspecting folk. Or you might actually like it. I liked it as some point in my life, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it or taped it.

ardennes, your CD went out today as well. Let me know how you like it. I think it was light enough for first class.
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