October 5th, 2005


The Black Hole of Sludge

As mentioned earlier, Kari and I left the outskirts of Philly at around midnight on Saturday night. Insanity ensued. The following is a reenactment of that insanity. In Insanity Format(tm)!

12:30ish... Pennsylvania Turnpike...
*splattered deer guts on the road*
K: Ew! Inside out deer!
J: Eeeeeew!
K: You know, as a vegetarian, you don't get to see splattered veggie guts on the road.
J: ??!
K: You don't see corn stalks running across the road getting hit by cars.
J: *lmao* Herd of wild asparagus?
K: And the fuckers just standing there stunned by the headlights. Brussels sprouts too.
J: Ha!
K: Those fuckers just drop and roll, though.

K: You see those signs? For deer crossing?
J: Yeah?
K: After those you see the asparagus crossing ones. Collapse )

And that is just a taste of the sort of insanity I now live with. Which is much better than the insanity I used to live with. I haven't had to make a single anti-religion comment since I've been here, other than a calm and interesting discussion with my father on faith and fundamentalism and free will. Even though he's a theist, he agrees on a lot of things I said, so it's all good. Not that he agrees specifically, but that we can discuss it like adults. I've missed that.