January 20th, 2006


SGA Drabble: Untitled

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McBeck+
Genre: Drabble
Rating: Mature

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Just something done between phone calls. I felt the need to challenge myself to be short. *shrug*

Also, we're going out tonight, so this means no Stargate with chat tonight either. Oh well, there's next week, and torrents. I'll have to download both tomorrow morning.


Dad vs the Atlantean Davidians

A short exchange this morning in the truck:

J: *going on about Pega and David Nykl*
D: *listening, amused*
J: So since Zelenka's name is David Nykl and Rodney's is David Hewlett, we ended up creating the cult of Atlantean Davidianism. Pega's the High Priestess and I'm the Grand Inquisitor.
D: Fits.
J: Yes. You must accept that hotness that is David Hewlett or I will flog you a second time.
D: The hotness? You mean the paunchy bald guy who can't run?
J: *defensively* He learns.
D: *chuckles*
J: I don't know why he's so hot, he just is.
D: I guess hotness knows no bounds.
J: He's got a great ass, though.
D: In those baggy pants?
J: I've seen other things he's been in. I've seen most of it actually. *grin*

At that point this all degenerated into giggling.