March 23rd, 2006


Apollo in Chains: a drabble and a challenge

Boredom, angry Mexicans, and caffeine spawned...

He roared, voice like sunbursts, sunstorms burning the walls. No windows, but the god shone bright against the stones, his fire consuming useless oxygen to nothing. The shackles around his limbs grew hot but didn't melt, simply grew hotter, feeding off the god's fire. His muscles strained under skin of molten glass, bulging, ichor glowing within like magma. His mortal clothing had long ago burned away, ashes on stone. He pulled and twisted at his confinement, iron chains stretching under the heat and strength of the sun god, but stubbornly regained their shape. Apollo cried out a name, the name of one long gone, the one who'd chained him, the only one who could break the bonds. Inside the cell, the god raged on.
I want to see someone else take this and build something around it. Fic? Art? I need something good to read or ooh and ahh over. I know a lot of you are artistic. Please? *bats eyelashes*