May 10th, 2006


Your Regularly Scheduled Morning Update

1. David Hewlett is Awesome Week Go. Show the man some luuuuuuuurve. I wonder if I can get a Hershey Park postcard or something.

2. Watching the end of last night's House now. Racing around the clock to finish it before I have to leave. Haha.

3. I'm torturing the dog. I made egg, and I saved some for him, but haven't given it to him yet. I'm done eating, he can eat now, but I haven't fed him. Bwahaha. I'm evil.

4. David Hewlett is awesome. Discuss.

5. I wasn't double-billed for the crank. I was just billed sooooooo late I forgot I hadn't been. From now on I pay cash.

6. Dog is whining, but behaving. Good doberman. Gooooood doberman.

7. Ooh, next week's House looks interesting.

8. I downloaded this, and OMG I can't wait to see it. But I don't have time. It's like 20 minutes long and I still have to brush my teeth, lotion, pack my lunch, and go to the bathroom. Oh well, it'll give me something to look forward to tonight. I just hope it doesn't haunt me all day. SQUEEE! I love me some Paul/David, in or out of character. They verge on the RPS though I haven't quite gone there yet. I sort of skirt the... outskirts. Argh, gotta go!

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Atlantis Geekness


Okay, here's the thing. I drew the Earth symbol on my arm to see if I like it as a tatt. I showed it to Rob, and he wisely said that I should look up the Atlantis point of origin symbol and do that instead. His argument made tonnes of sense, so I went to wiki to see if I could find it.

So I found that. Does that make sense? I want something spiffylooking, but I also want to be accurate. Does anyone know?

Calling all Gater Geeks to my aid.