May 28th, 2006


Indiana Clones and the Curse of the Spanish Flamenco Dancer

That's what I watched last night. It was unashamedly an Indiana Jones/The Mummy clone. With Bagoas as a dancing, ass kicking, winged King Tut. That alone should tell you how bad this was. Nothing against Francisco Bosch, I mean, he was just doing what he was told to do. The movie itself, though, was crap. Casper Van Dien still can't act. And I never thought Chaya Sar could get more annoying than when she was seducing Major Sheppard away from Christoph Radek Rodney. But she was. Malcolm McDowell was his usual sinister self, but he can be that in any movie, doesn't need to stoop to this level. He was apparently the president of the Evil Dudes Club. They met every few scenes to decide "how will we be evil this week?" And evil archaeologist dude got suckified by a demon, which then got his ass handed to him by the Persian eunuch the Spanish Flamenco dancer King Tut... now with wings!

Speaking of Germans, here's the trailer for Gil Ofarim's new movie. It's in *gasp* Englisch. Now if only they make it in region-free DVD or something that I could actually watch it. I never did see Sturmflut. Meh.

I think I may end up cleaning the bathtub today, but I'm bleeding and sore and it's still too fucking early. I also said I'd cook the green beans today... if they're salvageable. I might actually do that. The vacuuming I'm staying the hell away from. I'm staying upstairs in my nice little hole.

I feel like listening to the Moffatts. Old school Moffatts, but I left those CD's in PR. So I guess Submodalities is it. If I can get up off my ass and fetch it. I need telekinesis. Nah, I think I can always listen to that later. I really don't feel like moving. I got all my activity for today up at the mountains. I love hiking, but this time of the month, I don't have the energy.

Hm. Might be time for breakfast.