August 20th, 2006

SG1: dial it up (isiscaughey)

2 Things

Somewhere along the line, this went from 'oooh yessss! *rubs hands*' to 'ugh, I can't do this'. It's sad. Fixing this will be my next big project.

I know everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I wonder why people feel the need to nitpick '200' to death. It was crack!fic. That's all it was. I don't believe in hidden messages or 'that was just lipservice' or 'they poke fun at themselves but can't fix the problems'. It's a tv show. And it's perpetually on crack. There is no need to look for hidden messages in everything. Just enjoy it. That's what it was made for.

And that's my opinion. ;)

It's a start

Chapter One

Brentae was a walled city, like many along the American Frontier.

I feel a lot better now. One sentence, but it will lead to much more. Why is Brentae a walled city? Where is the American Frontier? Is this a Western? You'll just have to keep reading writing to find out!
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