December 23rd, 2006



Good stories are not always the obvious ones.

I've seen Gladiator probably fifty times or more, and I still become emotionally involved. I can even recite large chunks of the dialogue, but I still root for Maximus, I still argh at the screen when he turns down Marcus Aurelius' offer to lead Rome back to the Republic, and Commodus still makes me twitch.

That is the sign of a good story.

I'm writing.


I will, as usual, address the Giftmas issue after the fact.

Unless you're Jesus (and I don't mean the poolboy) you don't need presents on Monday. It's not your birthday. ;)

That said, I do love the cards and presents I've been getting. Much love to you all.
SGA: look at that! (icie)

12 Days of Giftmas Meme

On the twelfth day of Christmas, elven_wolf sent to me...
Twelve underrated musicians drumming
Eleven megas alexandros piping
Ten mcnipples a-leaping
Nine geeks reading
Eight wolves a-thinking
Seven dreamcatchers a-writing
Six queerdos a-soulbonding
Five ma-a-a-aking crackvids
Four unlikely crossovers
Three modern-day elves
Two symbiotic friendships
...and a snark in a sharing interests withfriendsonly.
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Some of those actually make sense. (Especially the leaping McNipples. *halo*)