December 24th, 2006

MacGyver: WWMD?

Buckle Down

I want to do this.

If you notice, the deadline is 15 January. The way things are now, I'll never make it. This calls for drastic measures.

Starting Wednesday, 27 December, I'm going to rearrange my schedule. Since I can't alter my work schedule, I'll shift everything else around it to accomodate a good chunk of writing time each day. This means I won't be online during the evenings. Maybe a little bit before dinner, but after dinner I'm going straight to bed, then getting up at around midnight to get in four hours of uninterrupted writing time. The fact remains that I do my best writing fresh out of bed. So I'm better off just doing things this way.

I'll still be around during the weekends, and depending on how this project goes, I may go back to the regular schedule after, but I will reevaluate the system later on.