January 25th, 2007


State of Disunion

If that wasn't a word, I just coined it by decree.

I think those of you who read previous versions of Apollo Rising will like the new changes. Without giving too much away, this version makes the story more human, more about modern man in an ancient empire than a cartoonish old man taking advantage of his age. Also, as those of you who have read the previews have probably realised, Jasper Saavedra is for all intents and purposes a thing of the past. He may yet make an appearance, but he will be nothing but a memory, if he does appear at all. I'm quite excited about being able to write again. I think that's part of why I had such a decent day yesterday, and only felt like quitting my job for a brief time.

Well, back to work!

Prompt Me

Give me a fiction prompt. With the new layout for jfemmer.com, I feel the need to post a new short story. The only requirement is that it must be either Apolloverse or WoD, but preferably Apolloverse. The prompt can be anything: specific situations, the desire to read more about a secondary/minor character, three random words, an AU take on a current event, characters you know from RPG... I don't care. Just give me something. My writerly fingers are itchy...