January 30th, 2007




I did skip my workout yesterday morning, and I don't want to do that twice in a row, so I'm doing that today and going shopping tomorrow. Plus, I need to call my grandpa so we can gab about last night's '24'. So, it's writing again this morning!

Just for my reference, here's my To Do list for the week:

1. call Deb for haircut, mop is starting to get unmanageable
2. buy a sweater
3. call Dr.'s office to possibly reschedule April appointment
4. call the Old Ones (today)
5. find out where in Philly we're going, tell chi1013
6. lose .2 pounds to round it up to 5
7. put new sticker on the 'Pearl
8. call Keystone for therapists in my coverage/area
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Starring Zeus as Strider the Dobie!

Fiction: Wine and Spirits

Wine and Spirits
by elven_wolf
Setting: the world of Brez, my family's D&D campaign. The characters of Jack and Tahlyn are both mine
Rated: T for Teen and no sex, little cussing, but there may be HoYay if you squint, tilt your head, and cough. Also, horror/fantasy violence.
Note: It's more of a character study than a plot-driven tale, I think. It's got creepies, though.
Originally written for oct31challenge. I felt it needed to be run through again and I wanted to polish it up before I showed my dad and/or further publicised it. Enjoy.


Jacobian Peredhil eyed his companion across the fire. The flames licked the darkness and danced around the elf's face, a perfect oval with large green eyes in flawless symmetry. Jack felt almost obliged to resent the elf's beauty, but found himself lacking the desire to spend his energy so.
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Dispatch from the Apolloverse

I'm not very inspired this morning. It's not that I don't feel like writing, it's that I'm not sure where to go from here in the narrative. I've introduced the San Gaetano crew (Rikki, Patrick, and Raeith), and the villain du jour, and now what? I know there's things that need to happen, and I know the big picture, but the little steps from point A to point B are not flowing today.

Guess I'll call the old folks sooner rather than later. It all works out in the end.