February 8th, 2007

Radek: doubts (severusslave)

I'm a Skeptic yes I am! I'm a Skeptic how 'bout that!

Some of the questions on this meme were a little too simplistic, but it works.

Overslept today by a full two hours. Didn't even get up to snooze the alarm and apparently slept right on through. Not fun!

And this is me wasting space so that my website layout doesn't get all fux0red by the meme. It doesn't respect the cut tag, you know. So it'll try and put the whole meme up on the site and fuck up my layout. I hope this will be enough, as I'm hoping to get a bit of writing done this morning.

Ta ta!

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It's just not happening this morning. It might be due to the fact that I overslept, and it usually takes me a while to get the brain going. By the time I did that, half my alotted writing time was gone. Not to mention that I had to stop for breakfast (on the upside, this gave me the opportunity to make myself an omelette rather than the usual oatmeal).

I need to organise myself better in regards to Immortalis, and I think that at this point that will have to include the composition of an outline. *twitch* Not my favourite thing to do, but I think at this point, it's the only way it'll stay focused. When I was writing full time, I could keep track of everything in my head, where I was, where I was going... But life is so full of other bullshit right now that I think I need help keeping track. Otherwise I waste too much of my precious writing time reading back to remember where I was headed.

Bloody 'ell.

Tonight, laundry and RP with mah homies.