March 11th, 2007


I should be sleeping

But MySpace amuses me too much. The Moffatts are a trip and a half.

The quote of the day comes from Scott, as a comment to one of Bob's latest pictures.

"fuck you look like a gayer version of clint here."

This goes right up there with "Dave, are you too gay for MSN now?"

Sometimes, I miss 2001... *lmao*
DH: cube ha! (psychofilly)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

SGA season 2 arrived! The commentary for The Siege III is amusing.

I actually have plans for today!

- write some
- see Mary for a bit (lunch?)
- go to Walmart
- I don't have enough HD space for Warcrack, but if I get an external drive while I'm at Wallyworld, I can free up enough
- I need a shirt, and/or a pair of pants, khakis probably

*DIES* What is Gary Jones even DOING in the commentary for The Intruder? He and Peter DeLuise are on CRACK.