March 12th, 2007



I've been feeling sick on and off all weekend. What the fuck is wrong with me? I hope it's just the weather. Yesterday my ears almost fell off because my lovely girlfriend and her best friend decided to cross the Susquehanna over one of the bridges, and the weather turned colder than expected so I had no protection from the wind. I felt kind of like a retard, but better retarded than frostbite.

I spent way too much money on tech yesterday. Sixty bucks on a Bluetooth headset (I get 20 back if I fill out the rebate form), and 100something on an external hard drive plus like 20 on World of Warcrack. Yes, I've heeded the call. But I can't install it until I've moved some stuff out of Rodney's brain. There's only so much room on there.

I wish they made those plastic packages for these things easier to open. I can't get at the drive. Not without injuring myself. Ow.

I'm gonna go fiddle with that since it doesn't seem like I'll be getting much else accomplished this morning. I need to stop running around, I ain't got the energy for this.