March 13th, 2007

24: pickles!

Tuesday morning...

Okay, so last night I tried installing World of Warcrack and apparently I don't have enough RAM. It tells me so, which was confusing because I have 512 MB and the manual states minimum 256 or something, and then it starts to install when I tell it to quit being a pansy-ass bitch and install anyway, but I can see my wifi start to widdle down to nothing and when I put in disc 2 to continue the installation, it just stops at 20% installation.

So, I'm going to see if I can stop at Best Buy this morning and have the Geek Squad perform brain surgery on Rodney. ;)

I'm hoping it won't be an overnight job, though I'm going over to Mary's tonight, so it's not like I'd be using this until tomorrow morning anyway. I need to find the system disks. Where did I put that bullshit? Great. It'll take me an hour just to dig through my room. You know what? Instead of futzing around the net or even writing this morning, I should take a big trash bag upstairs and start getting rid of some junk.

I feel like being merciless.
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