July 13th, 2007

SGA: puddlejumper!! (severusslave)


I had named my Neon 'Jumper 1', but a few months ago it got renamed 'The Black Pearl' because it's black, it's dirty and dingy and kinda banged up. My Fit is silver, has cargo room in the back and seats for 4 at the front if necessary. It's kinda shaped like a little tiny Puddlejumper, and it's mine. And as the Son of McShep (the aliens made them do it, because obviously Rodney loves Carson 4evah) I should drive a Puddlejumper. So, this time, it's for real. Bwahaha.

I'm thinking of getting a personalised license plate. Somebody stop me. And I still need to find my ATL sticker that I got off Cafepress, and I stuck in a book somewhere and now I can't remember which book. I guess I will have to clean upstairs. This calls for a stop at Walmart on the way home, fold down the 'Magic Seat', and get a few plastic bins, preferably airtight ones.

Oh right, my point, and I do have one: today's To Do list.

1. finish the map for Werewolf campaign.
2. if time allows, do list of baddies and write up plot outline, which would let me rest tomorrow and Sunday morning.
3. work out.
4. get stuff and trash and my shoes and that mismatch pair of socks out of the Pearl.
5. find a place to stuff the body after I take it out of the trunk.
6. pause to bask in the knowledge that I will no longer have a trunk. (Especially since there's no trunk release inside the cabin, and I'd left the key inside the house, so I had to crawl all the way into the trunk through the back seat and use the emergency trunk release)
7. try to leave for work at quarter to 11. (Well, close enough.)
8. stop at the Giant for meds. (Don't forget the Claritin-D.)
9. ask Andy if my credit app went through yet, and if so, see about making ownership of Jumper 1 finally legal. (Because yesterday it just didn't happen.)
10. make sure I'm not caught in the middle of this by noon, because I have an appointment.
11. make sure said appointment ends in "fe'nance".
12. remember to remember that Dad needs to sign out of co-ownership of the Pearl.
13. stop making lists.
14. oh yeah and stop at Walmart for those bins. Though that can take place tomorrow.
Zeus is still the prettiest


I miss Zeus. I had wanted the Fit partly for him. To take him up to the mountains without having him writhing uncomfortably all over the back seat of the Neon.

I need a dog. I'll still miss Zeus but I need a dog.