August 17th, 2007


Homeless children

Hey all! Welcome back to the ongoing adventures of Jay and Not-So-Silent Bob! We're staying at the Days Inn in Harrisburg due to the fact that our parents have, under pain of death, forbidden us to set foot in our home until Saturday. Nevertheless, being back in civilization has allowed me to take care of certain necessities of life, like the bloodwork I had to have done this morning. The rest of the day leaves me ample time to take care of the rest of today's agenda:

- go to Pharmacy to get my prescription filled
- hit the gym for a bit
- hit the pool once the sun goes down a bit
- stop at the Mt. Hope Winery and pick up a case of the good stuff... no, it's easier to order online and have it delivered to our home. It should be there by Monday. Wait, that defeats the whole purpose of getting smashed this weekend. Okay, so go to the winery. If I can't get in for any reason, stop at a gub'ment wine shop and buy a bottle of flavoured Bacardi.
- I should stop at Ciocca and get my last paystub, also show my buddies how dirty the Fit got during our roadtrip.

And that concludes my Friday Of Debauchery. We'll see what Saturday brings. ;)
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Two things...

One, I'm going to be getting a new domain to replace More details as it develops.

Two, I haven't really done anything with Regarding this matter, I open up a call to all of you Zelenkistas. Would anyone like to either help me run it (basically take over html and planning) or would like to take over complete ownership of the domain as their own (basically a transfer to your own hosting and I'd wash my hands off of it completely).

Please let me know in comments. Thank you.