August 24th, 2007


State of the Wolf 2007

So, after a trip through time and space I'm back and hopefully stronger than ever. You can now find my authorly website at I still need to update a few things there, but that's the meat 'n bones of it. I will eventually put up the best of my short fiction on my Sky-Tribe profile.

The stories I want to upload there soon are 'Exile' (I've kinda given up on selling that, it's too long for most markets), 'A Werewolf's First Halloween', and most of the Apolloverse stuff. I think I'll leave most of the WoD stuff be for now. That'll be my next miniproject.

Nobody's taken interest in, so I think I will just let it expire in November. I might just make a minisite at in honour of it and let go of the domain. No use paying for it when I'm not getting any use out of it, and I'm not getting enough use out of as it is.

And now I write a little bit before getting the rest of the day over with. Have a good one!