September 6th, 2007

TS: rain kiss (swahilina)

Fun with Wayn part 2

Okay, that Nicole lady? Totally retarded. Also, a comment on 'her' profile warns of 'her' being some sort of Nigerian boy who wants your money. If that's the case... little Nigerian boy remain very poor because little Nigerian boy an idiot. Remember my last message to him/her?

Oh, so you're gay too? That takes a load off my mind, I thought you were hitting on me. I don't have kids, never married (not legal yet). I've been to Canada, actually. Ever been there? They make great science fiction movies.

I live in Hicksville, Pennsyltucky. Quite boring actually, but woodsy.


Well, here's the reply:

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Legacy of Olympus Chapter Five is now up

Hey, to anyone following the misadventures of the gods, chapter five of Legacy of Olympus is now up at bellumaeternus. Remember you have to be a member to read, but this is only so I can make sure only people from my flist can read, and more so, only people who are truly interested. I also hope to receive constructive criticism so I can make my writing even better.

In chapter five, we get a glimpse of Raeith's power over Patrick and Rikki, and we experience one of his nightmares. Enjoy.