September 25th, 2007


Wolves need our help again!

The message below, urging concerned Americans to oppose the mass killing of gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone, was sent to you by

Dear Friend,

A new Bush Administration plan would allow the slaughter of nearly 600 gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone and Central Idaho -- while they're still on the endangered species list.

Please register your opposition by sending a message to the Administration right now:

Both Wyoming and Idaho are planning to use aerial gunning -- as well as baiting and trapping -- to exterminate wolves. Taken together, their plans could drive northern Rocky Mountain gray wolves back to the brink of extinction.

In Idaho, the governor himself recently boasted, "I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself."

Wyoming's plan classifies wolves as "predatory animals" in most of the state. As predators, wolves could be shot on sight anywhere by anyone at anytime.

Rampant oil and gas development, logging and other threats are taking a mounting toll on the western wildlands that wolves depend on for survival. More than ever, wolves need tough federal safeguards against hunting and habitat loss.

The wolf's remarkable comeback from the brink of extinction in Greater Yellowstone is one of America's greatest environmental success stories. Don't let the Bush Administration destroy that success!

Send a message today and tell the Bush Administration not to abandon the wolf!

Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund
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