January 27th, 2008

SG1: dial it up (isiscaughey)

The Roamin' Wolf

2008 will be a great year in terms of personal growth. Unfortunately, financial growth will be at a minimum. Travel will also be at a minimum. Aside from tribalforces, there won't be much chance for vacation, and definitely no out of state travel.

2009 though, I want to do something big. It's a bit early to be planning it, but the earlier I plan the earlier I can start saving up for it. I only get 2 weeks a year, so if I'm going to do something with them, I better maximise its potential.

How about Europe? I have two choices. Spend more days than I should on a boat, or get some Xanax somehow and try and sleep through the flight. I really really hate planes. I mean, we're talking call the air marshall, this one's gone bonkers. But I want to go to Europe.

Maybe Canada. Though, not to play favourites, I've been wanting to see wickedkiwi and meet stormingsea for longer, and I've known them longer than anyone in Canada.

I got a whole year to plan, so it's all good.
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