April 26th, 2008


Weekend Update

Iz at mai parunts, steelin' deyr internetz.

So I am intending to play WoW all day long. Wee!

I texted Walter, my old cohort at Ciocca Honda, who knows a lot about WiFi, to help me solve my router problem. At first he was texting back and asking questions, then he stopped. I hope he hasn't forgotten about me. Anyway, off to warcrack after I've caught up some with the flist. I'll be on Trillian if you need me.
Captain Jack: TING! (griggharris)

Love at First Sound - Katy Perry

Darren Hayes pimped Katy Perry. I now pimp her to you.

There isn't a video for this song, but someone put it on YouTube with a pic of Katy.

Makes me want to dance. And snog women. O.o

Can anybody say Torchwood vid? LOL. Gwen and Tosh would so work for this vid.
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