June 3rd, 2008

Barrowman: true scot (jhava)

We don't need no stinking pants!

I've decided I refuse to go on a mad dash for new trousers. I tried the hair spray thing and it did not work. May be the wrong kind of hair spray. I will attempt to get something like a stain stick tonight. We'll see how that works. My favourite shirt barely made it, it's got a couple of tiny spots on the back, and fuck, I'll wear it as is if I can't fix it. It's my favourite shirt!

As to my favourite trousers, they're junk now. And they're discontinued. I do have one pair that wasn't in the wash, which I already said to Barb at work that I'd be wearing the rest of the week. I refuse to be on a rush rush to buy a new pair. I hate clothes shopping as it is and I don't get paid until Friday anyway. So. They'll just have to deal with me wearing the same trous all week.

I think I need to watch some Torchwood this morning. Also, breakfast.