June 6th, 2008

Jack/Ianto: SCROLL DOWN! (cowboyhd)


Completed the FAFSA application. HACC, here I come!

RSVP'd to ghei 1920's cocktail party. Why do I go to these things? They can be so boring. But I haven't seen Charlie and his crew in a while, and it seems like there might be some nice architecture at this shindig so at least that'll be something to look at, get some free drinky treats and food, answer the eternal 'how old are you?' question by everybody I meet, get relentlessly flirted on by old men who like the whole 'looks like jailbait but isn't' thing, and go home.

Been breezing thru jimhines's Goblin Quest this week, since I haven't been writing. I decided that as long as I'm not writing, I should read some good writing other than fanfiction. There's some good fanfic out there, but it's not the same as sitting down with a good book about characters I don't see on TV. And Jim puts together a great story! I'm really enjoying it.

I'm getting a balloon for my desk today, from that Thank You I got from a caller last month. This is me getting excited about it: -_-
Captain Jack: TING! (griggharris)

I love these men

So AfterElton.com revealed their 2008 Hot 100 List. My favourite quotes:

“I’m thrilled with the results. Who wouldn’t want to come in behind Jake Gyllenhaal?” — John Barrowman, Torchwood

“I understand I'm underneath John Barrowman, which seems to happen quite a lot. Maybe, next year, Ianto can be on top." —Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood

“Look out, Barrowman! I’m coming for you! —Cheyenne Jackson, Xanadu

Also, I'm glad to see Jared Leto on the list, but come on, he rates higher than that.

I love the picture for #83, he looks so confused. Like "wait, is this a ghei countdown? I think I'll just hold my gun."

And #79 has scarred me for life. FOR LIFE. Did NOT need to see that. OMG.

Still have not reached the Torchwood boys. I wonder what kind of hot pics they've chosen, if the rest are any indication. Oh wow, poor Chad Allen plummetted. I think he's hotter now than he's ever been. But oh wow, Chris Meloni took a DIVE. From 13 to 48. Damn. Woot Tennant!

Honourable mention for Anderson Cooper, who came up on top of Ianto, though not directly. He went up 23 spots.

There, I had my fun.