June 8th, 2008

TW: OMGLOLWTF (equanimousicons)

Torchwood Buffet

I'm having too much fun reading AfterElton.com's Torchwood episode recaps. Here's a particularly amusing bit:

On Countrycide: Torchwood makes a nice buffet, come to think of it. Tosh brings a little taste of the Pacific Rim, while Gwen is good, old fashion Welsh comfort food. Owen makes a great light yet spicy snack, not unlike hot wings — a nice contrast to Ianto's carby blandness. And of course, Jack is Grade A choice mystery meat, but in the very best way.
Ianto: camping (cowboyhd)

Sunday List

1. pay bills
2. pick up kitchen
3. get clothes out of the dryer
4. clean the shower
5. read something funny
6. read some more Goblin Quest
7. find out if any of my D&D crew have read Goblin Quest, to know how much to 'borrow' for gaming purposes. I've already told them I'm borrowing, but I haven't told from whom. At the very least, I can totally use some of the traps and beasties and it might get them interested in reading the book.

And that's my list for today.
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