July 20th, 2008


[fiction] Failed Quest

Saga: Brez
Characters: Tahlyn, Ahmed, others
Genre: Mini-short, epilogue

The Mindflayer was dead, torn to pieces by Tahlyn's teeth and claws. It had taken only two swipes of his paws and one bite to render the aberration to shreds. He could still taste the foul flesh as he reverted to his elven form. It had been ridiculously easy, and yet one of Tahlyn's companions lay dead next to the creature, his brain sucked out of his skull by the Mindflayer's tentacles. If only Tahlyn had not gone after the dragon. If only he'd realised the chase was pointless and remained with the party, Ahmed would still be alive. He'd let his rage get the better of him.

"Leave him alone, okay?" he said, but that fucking Harpy was going through the wizard's pockets already. Why had they brought her along? She'd cared nothing for the quest, only cared about how she could profit. Well, now she was filling her pouch with artifacts which Tahlyn remembered Ahmed acquiring in previous quests. They had not been friends, the Djinn and the Ranger, but they had shared more than one adventure and that meant something to Tahlyn. While the rest of the party squabbled over the dragon's horde, Tahlyn shook his head. He'd take his share of the gold to replace his torn armour, but he wanted nothing more to do with these people. When they weren't looking his way, he slipped away.