August 4th, 2008

Shep: bigdamnhero (nightingaledies)

In other news...

Played D&D yesterday with Dad and Rob. Didn't get very far because Dad wasn't feeling well. We did explore pretty much what Jack, Naïlo and Gil get up to when they're just patrolling the forest. Jack is a fighter, but he's half-elf and got some of the ranger spirit in him. He's going for the deepwoods sniper prestige class next level. He's also seekritly Tahlyn's lover, and I keep wanting to write about them. Won't be subjecting the family to that, though. LOL. It was enough when I wrote the one where Tahlyn ate Jack.

While looking for a map of Arn in my old attic, I instead found my notes from my Oceanus story. I've thought on and off about restarting that one after I'm done with Legacy of Olympus. Finding the notes may have been a sign.

This morning I want to be at least a little productive.

Happy birthday, 4youreyesonly!
Radek: Chief Engineer (psychofilly)


Well, I managed to get more done on Dreamscapes and Legends than I'd thought I would. Most of the stories are still missing, and the Dreamscapes page defaults to a stripped down version of the old one, but the rest will be all copy-paste save-as b.s. so that should be done between tonight and tomorrow sometime.

I'm looking at this as a sort of temporary layout anyway, as I look into alternatives that will make uploading new stories easier. But that will still take a back seat to finishing Legacy of Olympus, of course, as without a finished product, the website serves no purpose. I am reviving Tales from Elysium as well.

Gotta get ready for work.