August 27th, 2008


Ugh.... moooove

I'll need to be taking a shower and getting ready for work in a minute. I have class at 9 and all, and then will probably head on over to the tutoring centre. At least that's the plan. Then work.

Work yesterday wasn't too bad. The calls were not crazy, probably making up for last week, and I think taking Monday off helped my overall disposition. No anxiety episodes. There was a time when I did throw my headset, but only once a day is an improvement.

Went to the gym last night after work. I'm pretty much keeping most cardio on hold, I can't do the treadmill with my knees and can only do the elliptical for a couple of minutes. But I did enough of it to warm up for weight lifting. Getting better at that as well, starting to see a bit of definition in the torso at last. Not much, still got belly fat and some back fat, but my arms and shoulders are definitely bigger, and even my chest is starting to develop. Yay!

*watches Ianto Jones walk down the sidewalk across the street* Oh damn.... come back! Wow, dead ringer.

Okay, back to this. Tonight I must cook. Tomorrow I work the early shift so Angel can work late. So I think I'll be done by 6 and home by whenever. I will probably stop at the gym, even though it probably won't be empty at 6, and I do prefer having it all to myself. Whatever.

I have five minutes.

I broke through the bit of writer's block that I had over the weekend. Got through to the last scene of chapter 11, but I'm still worried that there's too much exposition in it. Also, I still need to go back and insert a flashback. I always end up having to do that. I skip over the flashback scene and come back to it. They're hard. Then I think, once I'm done with chapter 11, I need to sit back and reoutline what I have so far and where it needs to go. I'm halfway through the story at this point. In fact, chapter 11 may even need to be the first chapter of part two. I wonder if I should insert a pseudo prologue there... Hmmmm... that's an interesting idea. Just to separate the three parts, each one being about a different deity.

Anyhoo, I have to get going. I'll think on that today as time permits. Have a great day!
MacGyver: WWMD?

Writer's Block: You and A Fictional Character of Your Choice

If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?
My first instinct was to go for somebody I'd like to be stuck on a deserted island with, like Ianto Jones or Jack Harkness. I thought of the Doctor, but he has the TARDIS so he wouldn't be stranded anywhere unless somebody took it.

Then I came down to Earth and thought... Mac! If anybody could figure out how to get out of the island, or make the most of it, it would be MacGyver. We'd be building houses out of coconut shells and grass, and radios out of sea glass. I dunno. Something. Plus he's cute too.