October 13th, 2008

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One of those days

You ever have one of those days when you start to write a blog entry, get almost done writing it, then think better of it, delete it without posting?

Then start writing a whole different post, and delete that too?

*posts this one just to be contrary*
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I've never been adept at short fiction. Yes, I make myself punch one out every so often, but it's either part of a larger universe I'm working on, or fanfic. As such, I'm not as prolific with my finished work because it takes so bloody long to write a novel.

Been idly pondering the thought of setting bellumaeternus aside for a long time on purpose, and working on something else. I feel, I dunno, stagnant. Even though the plot is finally getting thick, and the story's going where it needs to go, I keep drifting away from it, and I think it's because I'm doubting myself, thinking I'll ruin it by adding substandard sentences to what is so far working okay. Part of that is that I get absolutely no feedback. pega was my original beta and she's AWOL. Angel started reading it and then her life got complicated again so she stopped mentioning it. I dunno.

I had something else to say and I forgot.

Oh yes! Scythian is going to be at the Ren Faire the weekend of the 25th! Now, I'm going this Sunday, that's not going to change, because Albannach trumps Scythian. But now I'm wondering if I can't make it both weekends. My parents live 20 minutes from the Faire, so it's not like it's a stretch, and with my student ID I can get in at a discount, so it won't necessarily break the bank if I plan for it.

I've been reading Border Princes, one of the Torchwood novels. All I can say so far is WTF and WTF IS THIS JAMES CHARACTER? SRSLY I KAN READ GARY STU FANFICSHUN FREE ON DA INTERWEBZ KTHXBAI. And of course, in my head he first looked totally like Adam. Then I decided if this is going to be Gary Stu, then I might as well imagine I'm James because I'm a James therefore it all works out.

But still. WTF. Collapse )

And I leave you with some Scythian.

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Addendum: Ren Faire

To those of you joining me at the Ren Faire:

Know that I will be watching all of Albannach's sets, and according to the website there's four of them. Just so you know. You don't have to join me for all four, but I'll be watching all four and then possibly stalking approaching the band for molestation autographs.