November 20th, 2008

DW: defabricate! (cowboyhd)

Dreamscapes and Legends

I need a new site design. I already dislike the one I put up a few weeks ago.

But that took so long just to choose that I can't be bothered with a redesign right now.

I should get back into designing these things from scratch like I used to. I did that way.

I love what Ingrid's done on Midnight Island. But whatever I do, I won't do it in November. I'm still plugging away at NaNoWriMo and enjoying it immensely.

In other matters, a question to all of you WoW-heads. I can close my account for a time without losing my toons, right? Because I may need to cancel it until March if I can't figure out a way to afford the $15 a month. Right now it's looking bleak on that front. Is there anything special I'd need to do to save them?

Blah blah blah chatty

I'm chatty this morning, I guess to make up for being silent lately. Plus I'm trying to go with the positive thoughts here. I know I'm going to be miserable later on today, but for now I'm not.

I have a 2009 goal, to be a posting member of fangs_fur_fey by the end of next year. Probably won't happen, but I'll try.
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Life on Mars: skeptic Sam (dallowayward)


Okay so the site says it's free... but it's basically txt msgs right? So basically your cell carrier can charge you up the wang right? But twitter makes sure it's all local txting instead of international? I dunno. School me, plz.
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