November 21st, 2008

Madagascar: this sucks

Balancing Act

So, my friend Kris was bummed last night because she couldn't go and see the midnight premiere of Emo Hot Topic Teenie Porn, and she then asked me if I wanted to go to Bethesda, MD to see Scythian on Saturday.

I always want to see Scythian.

She'll pitch in for gas. That's a heck of a lot of gas. But it should theoretically not cost me a whole tank and gas is still cheap, if I get $20 from her I'll be golden.

Still, it's an expense that I wasn't counting on, and cuts into what I'm saving up to see Scythian and Albannach in February, and of course tribalforces.

On the other hand, I left it up to her to find out if she can in fact get into the pub the show is at, since she's only 20 (why can't she just hurry the fuck up and turn 21, come on? It's not that hard, I did it). And I'm not going to count on her 'I'll just tell them I'm the DD' plan. I'm not driving 2 hours each way to stand in the cold and argue with a bouncer. I'm too old and too broke to be that adventurous.

If we do that, and I end up doing the Prop H8 protest on Sunday, I'll be falling way behind on NaNo, but at this point I'm once again thinking I've won by trying anyway. I probably won't win even if I write 24-7 this weekend. I made very little progress during the week, mainly due to stress from work. And things like protesting Prop H8, whether it works or not, are important.

It's fucking snowing. I hate that fucking white shit. I used to think I'd love it, because it's so pretty. But it's cold and wet and sticks to your windshield and you have to stand around in the cold scraping it off. Nevermind, Canada, I think if I'm really pressed for a gay-friendly country I'll move to South Africa and be Nelson Clemente's neighbour.

It's Friday already. Where did the week go? Each day takes absolutely forever, but before I know it, it's the weekend again. I'd say this is a good thing, except that all the shit parts of my life drag on anyway. Anyway, it's pay day, so I'm off to pay some bills before heading out to scraping off the car and going to class. No homework today. I'm boycotting that for the rest of the term.


Mad Elf is the shizznit. One reason to love the holidays.

Looks like Scythian isn't happening tomorrow night. Well, Scythian is happening, but Kris and I won't be where it's happening. Things came up for her, but that's all right. There's another show in Baltimore later on, and we will see them in Sellersville which was the original plan.

This... this is made of win. [Gotten from medusasowl]