November 25th, 2008

DW: spoilers! (cowboyhd)

NaNo Report

I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind. I was supposed to catch up last weekend, and I didn't write but a few words in between errands, visiting with my family, and the Prop H8 protest (and WoW).

So I'm reassessing my strategy as we go into the final weekend.

1. I had been unofficially trying not to have any scene breaks in the first draft, only because I wanted to accentuate the 'real time' aspect. I just did a scene break. Collorary to this, I had wanted to have the whole first draft be from Kostyantyn's pov. With the scene break I changed that. Only because at this point, it does me no good to keep mental track of the other characters, that's a waste of words unwritten.

2. If I make it to 30,000 words by November 30th, it'll still be a personal victory. If I finish the first draft by the end of the year, I will celebrate.

3. I'm concentrating not so much on word count anymore as I am on finishing the plot. I can go back and add all the other scenes from the other characters' povs and flesh out Kos' scenes when I rewrite.
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I'm going to break my site in about 20 seconds. [Actually I broke my site a while ago, but LJ wasn't working at the time.]

I have no clue how long it'll really take to put it back up and make it nice.

Any files you have hotlinked will still work.