November 27th, 2008

Rodney: icanhascoffee (a_gal_icons)

It's vacation, nammit!

So, there's a new episode of 24 out there, I think I will see if I can track it down this morning. I miss ol' Jack sometimes.

My head hurts, again I slept too much. Hopefully coffee will fix it.

Yet somehow I feel rather productive. The first thing I did as I waited for coffee was to clean out a box in the living room that I'd been wanting to clear for a while now. Now I just need to sweep the floor.

Coffee and Jack Bauer first, though.
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24: pickles!

24: Redemption

Jack is back, holy crap.

I can't have been the only one thinking Jack and Carl had a thing. Which of course made me sniffly when [SPOILER!!]

Ahem. Shutting up now. Gonna sweep the floor, take a shower, pack my bags and head off to the parents' for the weekend.

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