December 23rd, 2008


Writer's Block: Top 10 of Everything

It's the time of year for "10 Best" lists. What's on your personal 10 Best—events, movies, music, anything—list for 2008?
10. Harrisburg, PA
My first city living on my own. There's times I just want to say 'fuck it all', especially when I can't find a place to park. There's times when I just roll my eyes. But I love being able to walk to the bar, or to the Broad Street Market. I love driving down Front Street and seeing all the cool mansions. I love River Front Park, and going there for Pride and Woofstock. I love the thriving gay community here, and crashing rich gay men's parties because you're 'Family' anyway. I love the fact that we protested Prop H8 and there wasn't a single H8r in attendance.

9. Celtic Fling at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Friday night concert
It rained, it poured, the show was delayed, but Albannach and Scythian still came on stage and blew us away. I'd never seen either band live and I was instantly in love.

8. Life
It was good this year. Good friends, good experiences. I got a lot accomplished and even though I got in serious debt, it was all worth it.

7. Election Day
So much fear and doubt suddenly dispelled by the results coming in that night. EPIC WIN.

6. Albannach
They rocked the Ren Faire on 18-19 October. They're all about freedom for Scotland and I can kind of relate, being Puerto Rican and having wanted freedom for PR for so long. Their music kicks ass, plain and simple.

5. BBC's Merlin
From the network that brings us Torchwood, comes a show that is almost as gay. It plays fast and loose with the Arthurian legend, but makes for great entertainment. Plus Bradley James is HOT. And Anthony Head is in it. How can you go wrong?

4. Scythian at the Sellersville Theatre, 19 December
Managed to get my brother out of the house, on a road trip all the way to a little town somewhere north of Philadelphia, that alone is an accomplishment. The band rocked the place and were super nice after the show to boot. Also, Dan proved his ultimate awesomeness by remembering us from all the way back in October. [Actually, Blake from the Rakish Rogues/Tartan Terrors remembered us as well, but I think he hates our guts.]

3. Scotland
For bringing us Albannach, John Barrowman, James McAvoy, David Tennant, and Colin Morgan.

2. Darren Hayes' This Delicate Film We've Made
The cover is purple and bright pink, and I just love how Darren has embraced that sort of silliness. The videos are amazing and there are times when I'm almost moved to tears.

1. Scythian rocking out the Ren Faire, 26 October
I introduced my friend Kris to what would become an epic fandom. Met the guys in the band that I'd only seen live once before, and reaffirmed the fact that you don't need to go on MTV to find good music (in fact, it's best to avoid MTV if you want good music). Also, discovered that fiddlers are fuckin' sexy.

This was hard and took entirely too long.