January 9th, 2009

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So I'm sitting here with my coffee looking at the cover of the latest Advocate, which mentions the hate crimes law and what the LGBT community may want added to it.

Here's my question, and maybe I'm super naive, but other than a crime of passion (maybe) you don't kill somebody because you really really like them.

I hate clowns. If I go out to a bar and meet somebody, and a little while later he tells me he's a clown, and I kill him (just follow along here), isn't that a hate crime? I killed him not because I didn't like his face, but because he's a clown and I hate clowns.

Should we put clowns on the hate crimes law? Will it make all the other clowns feel safer?

Serial killers who used to have blonde mothers and now go around killing blondes. Let's put blondes on the hate crimes law.

I don't know, it just seems strange that we should have to single somebody out, not for special protection, but for special punishment of whomever kills that person.

If I get over that guy being a clown, but later on he pisses on my cornflakes and I kill him for that, does that make me any less a murderer? Should I be punished less because it was him I hated and not clowns in general? Or will people look at the hate crimes list and say 'oh wait, clowns are special, so this guy killed the clown because he's a clownophobe' and punish me accordingly?

I must be missing something here.
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SGA Finale

I just have one request of you all. I am almost a whole season behind on SGA. I will catch up when it comes out on DVD and I have a massive nostalgia-and-catching-up marathon. If you're going to rant, wank, or squee over tonight's finale, cut please? Thank you, I'll love you forever. Just because it's ending doesn't mean we're all in the loop.
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