February 3rd, 2009

Rodney: icanhascoffee (a_gal_icons)


You know you got it bad when a fictional character you're writing drops his brand new cup of Starbucks on the sidewalk, and it makes you sadder than the fact that it happened because his best friend just got kidnapped.


I'm going to need to make some cuts here. I've spent nearly two hours catching up with emails, people in chat, LJ (and I skimmed a lot) and now Twitter. Something has to give. *sigh* I still haven't even had dinner.
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Radek: stressed (sithdragn)


I stopped watching most communities, outright left a few. The tough part about defriending actual people is that those easiest to cut are the ones who haven't updated since 2005, which defeats the purpose.

That said, It's never fun taking anyone off the flist. I'm not really adding very many new people at all recently either. The reasons for who got cut and who didn't range from 'I have no idea who you are' to 'I see you in real life every so often anyway, you can email me if you need to say something important, see ya around the fandom'.

It's not, never has been, about how I enjoyed prior entries. And while I enjoy meeting new people, I'm going to have to be very selective in the future about who I add. Those who have told me to use filters, I appreciate it, but it feels dishonest to me. Like, I'm keeping you on the list but purposely blocking you out. I don't want that. In a pinch I filter out communities, but there are some of those I do want to keep up with.

It's a pain.

When I started on LJ, I was unemployed and had all the time in the world to hang out and endlessly refresh the flist. I read everything. Now, I have a full time job, a novel to finish, I go to the gym every night and I still haven't had dinner, damnit! LOL (Shut up, Kris.)

That said, I may have gone click happy and removed somebody because in my current state of frustrated starvation I couldn't remember who the usernames belong to. Comments screened if you need to box my ears.

Anyway, feel free to defriend me (consider this amnesty even if I didn't remove you), keep me, whatever. I see myself taking a step back from LJ anyway, at least in the frequency with which I check in. I don't have time to read half the fanfic anyway.